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Avondale Audio is a small company located in the UK town of Chesterfield.
With over 30 years experience since the company's foundation by Les Wolstenholme, we concentrate exclusively on the design and manufacture of bespoke components for top-end Audio systems.

Motivated by a common desire to become the defining reference supplier of high-quality Analogue Audio components, we have set out to be the company known for being uncompromising in the search for audio purity.

Our guiding principle has been one of independent creativity. Avondale emphasises complete in-house control of the design and build of components and this provides us with total authority over quality and performance, leading to legendary customer satisfaction.

Now beyond our third decade in business our small cherry picked group of audio engineers carry out their work in our superbly equipped main workshop where visitors are most welcome by appointment.

Avondale is pleased to be able to offer our products to customers in the UK, EU and USA.
Tel: +44 (0) 1246 200096

Avondale Audio
The Hollies
2 Avondale Road
S40 4TF