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The new Avondale NAP 110 power supply has been developed for
the many owners of that classic Naim half width power amplifier.
The weakest section in the original NAP110 is indeed its power
supply.  Though it sports a good quality 100va toroid, the rest of
the supply was crude, inexpensive and slow.  Given that the power
supply in a NAP 110 feeds all of the delicate sections in the
amplifier circuit, as well as the large output devices - stable power
supply rails, even under heavy transient swings, are required for
clear sound reproduction.

In addition to this we have taken the step to use a CLC (capacitor -
inductor - capacitor) circuit arrangement.  Using a bank of smaller
capacitors, split using inductors rather than two large units greatly
improves the speed of the amplifier, moreover noise levels are
reduced as the charging times have been cut.

Using this improved design, as well as utilizing cherry picked
components for high performance and ease of installation.  We are
proud to bring you the new Avondale NAP 110 power supply.  A
few of the immediate upgrades in the layout and materials are:

High quality PCB with extra large, high current tracks
Four 10,000uF 50v Kendeil electrolytic capacitors
Proven, rapid CLC circuit with high current inductors
Built in LED ballast resistor
Panasonic film bypass capacitors
High current bridge rectifier
Easy, no soldering, screw connectors for all connections

Suited to the Naim NAP 110 power amplifier, though the simple
modular design lends itself perfectly to those who would like to try
one or two in their own build.