Primarily designed as a drop-in replacement for the NAPA
modules when upgrading Naim amplifiers, the NCC200 has found a use in many self build projects and for which, the stability, reliability and ease of installation (only one simple adjustment), have made this module a DIY favourite all over the world.

The difference in clarity and bass performance of the NCC when compared to the original NAPA modules is an experience which surprises everyone who sits in front of an amplifier so equipped. Listeners report being able to hear much deeper into the mix particularly when the going gets a bit busy. The lower registers, whilst being capable of portraying the timbre and texture of the instrument making the sounds in the recording, have much less impact on the rest of the audio frequency.

The NCC200s are unconditionally stable which enables the use of any brand and length of loudspeaker cable thereby widening the choice for the enthusiast. The characteristic Naim ‘hiss’ noticeable when close to the loudspeakers is totally absent when the NCC200s are in use.

NCC200 listeners report that the traditional pace and rhythm is retained whilst noting that the fatiguing aspects of Naim’s own boards have largely disappeared - leaving more of the music to be enjoyed.

Capable of delivering just over 100 Watts with suitable heat dissipation, this favourite module may be configured to run from +/-30V DC up to +/-50V DC supplies according to output requirements.

The NCCs come ready built and tested with every jot of information necessary to install and simply set up the module.  Complete with fixing screws (stainless of course), wiring terminals and thermal paste, you will lack for nothing when you bring together a state-of-the-art amplifier to be proud of.  Should the unthinkable happen and you reach an impasse, you can rest easy in knowing that Avondale Audio's legendary service will come to the rescue.
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